3 Tips For Taking Straight-Up Fire Selfies

With online dating, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and the plethora of other online profiles, we are all trying to take the perfect selfie. If you have been a part of the online dating game, you will know what a, shall we say, dumpster fire, that can be. It’s a mess of double- or even triple-chin selfies and pictures taken in the same spot with different expressions, or MySpace-style duck-lips — ladies, can we stop with the duck lips!  As much as this blog post could turn into a introspective piece on the modern dating game or a online date profile advice column, we will save that for another time and focus on how you can get that perfect selfie with your Kaselit boujee phone case.

Lighting is Everything

The title of this section really says it all: the best selfies are because of good lighting. What’s good lighting? Glad you asked! Natural lighting is the foundation and the best beauty product for selfies. Instead of facing your computer or taking your selfie inside, opt for opening the blinds for some natural light or taking your selfie outside. Can’t seem to cover your dark circles? Natural lighting can actually get rid of them entirely! If natural lighting is everything, avoid the shadows! Besides, you are a queen who slays! Why hide in the shadow to begin with? When dealing with the shadows, turn and face the sun or light source directly for the best look.

Play With Your Angles

It’s easy to assume that there are pretty people that take good pictures and then there are those who don’t. But, this isn’t true. Part of being a model is figuring out what angles of your own body look best in pictures. The photographer helps with this during a professional shoot, but it’s also about knowing your own face and body, and what looks best. Sometimes the most natural look is the most unnatural looking pose! To figure out what your best angle is, take time to play around with different angles and take a lot of selfies. Once you know what your best angle is, taking a selfie will be easy! Here are some general tips about angles:

  • No one looks good with their picture taken from below. Always take your picture at eye level, or above is even better!
  • Taking a picture square-on usually doesn’t yield the best results. Turn to the side even just slightly!
  • Get a selfie stick to get the perfect supermodel-y angles.

Less is More

With our Insta filters and the plethora of other apps and editing tools, it’s easy to over-edit our pictures until we don’t look like our beautiful selves at all — most people can spot a over-edited picture a mile away! Also, when you’re using a filter, you don’t have to use the filter at full capacity. Use the filter to get the best look, but use it in degrees for your particular picture! You’re beautiful. Just enhance your picture!

A Little Something Extra

We wanted to share one more extra tip because we love our Kaselit peeps so much! Have you tried to take that sexy, sultry picture, but feel like the end result is ridiculous? First of all, it’s all about attitude. Say “yassss” in your head, because, darling, you really do look good. Secondly, keep your eyes shut until right before you snap the picture, and inhale with your lips parted right before your hit the shutter button. Works like a charm every time!

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