Kaselit Buzz

 "This case is original. Not bulky as one might imagine considering the chain, but sturdy enough to protect your phone. Not only is it a functional case, but it looks cool and strikes up a conversation. Love, and will be purchasing more designs."



"With the chain making it easy to multitask carrying my binder, coffee, bag and more! It's practicality makes my job so much easier! Thank you"



"In addition to loving the design, it makes me feel secure and protected while staying sleek and trendy!"



"I don't know where to start! It is beyond useful especially if you wear something with no pockets... I can't imagine my phone without Kaselit"



“I love how chic and high end the gold chain looks! Makes any manicure look even fresher and glossier!”



"Now I can hold onto my weights when I workout without putting on a hideous arm wrap"



"Lets talk about the design....perfect!!!! It make all your look looking social with it ....cant imagine my phone without it !!!! I'm in love !!!!!!!"



"I never wore a case on my phone for this long ! I usually get sick of every case and switch it out, but my kaselit has become one my greatest convenience! (Esp when Running around with a baby in my arms)"



"Its so convenient and I love all the amazing feedback I get about it!!"



"This is my favorite phone case brand! It's seriously so cute with every outfit :-) I'm so glad I rock one all the time"



"Its trendy and convenient! I don't have to worry about dropping my phone at a night out anymore! The case also makes you hands free to hold on to more than just your phone! And lastly the gold chain is so cute it adds as a jewelry piece to your accessories!"



“I love my case because let's get honest I don't drop it as easily now and at the same time I look good!!!also have receive many compliments on it, from my friends. It is like having a phone stand at my desk permanently attached to my phone to prop it up”



“I LOVE my Kaselit! It's super cute and SO convenient. There are so many times I would have dropped my phone but Kaselit saved the day! Not to mention everywhere I go people want one.”



 “Best Workout mate. Lol I can hang it everywhere!! Running errands. I can just hang it in one of my fingers with another 3 bags in the same hand. I swear since I have kaseliit I Never Drop my Phone! SO AWSOME!”



 “KASELIT SAVED MY LIFE!  I used to drop my phone every week & have to go replace my screen now I could carry a million things and just have it dangling on my wrist while I'm bumping hot music!”



“For months I been searching for a comfortable, slick and dope phone case but nothing caught my eye. Until I was introduced to Kaselit and what I can say is that the name speaks for itself. I am the type to lose my phone or drop it… oops but not anymore!  Plus it's a fabulous accessory to carry on your arm. A girls got to have some arm candy so better to start with Kaselit love the products and the creator… so much love put into it”



“No joke The other day I caught my phone by the chain and prevented it from falling into the sink!!! This Phone kase comes in handy in so many situations and I tried to take the case off and use another case but It felt so empty and like I was gonna drop it any second. With the chain it makes me feel more secure like I have a better grip on it and who doesn't like to do shopping hands-free!!”



“Love getting plenty of compliments on this case!! Definitely a great statement accessory. Love my Kaselit”



 “Literally had my case for about 5 months & I still use it everyday. Can't wait to get more! I'm obsessed. Btw my phone was saved nearly a million times from falling because I've caught it by the chain whenever it slipped outta my hands lol”



“Love how comfortable the my phone feels in my hand & how many times its saved me from dropping it. Not to mention I’m able to take the. Best selfies with it. Its so cute & chic love my Kaselit”



“Perfect for my spin class as I can hang it over the handle bar. And it's just soooo cute”



“I can't stress how much of a life saver KaseLit is... juggling a thousand things becomes a million times easier. It saves my phones from so many accidents!”